Someone close to you has died and your grief is intensified because the death was a suicide. You may experience stress, anger, guilt, isolation and depression. Welcome to Survivors of Suicide Tucson (SOS Tucson) a 501c(3) non-profit orginization. This group is a grief group for someone who has lost someone to suicide.

One of our services that we offer a we offer is a structured support grief group which provides a setting where survivors can share feelings about their loss and learn ways of coping. They are able to do so because SOS provides structured topics each meeting  to help the survivor cope with their grief and loss. SOS Tucson is here to offer support, postvention, prevention and hope as we travel this path together.

You can attend the Survivors of Suicide in Tucson. Click on SOS meetings to find the times and location. SOS Tucson Meetings

SOS Tucson is a premier postvention service that offers training, education and outreach by highly trained personale who volunteer their services. Meet your facilitators. We are proud to offer support for providers and community. Please contact us for training and education for your agency or your private practice. If you are a survivor contact us and we can help you through your most difficult journey. Be sure to click on our services.

Please meet our program director Dr.Tyler Woods
Read Tyler Woods book Losing Someone to Suicide

If you have questions or want more information for the Tucson AZ only contact: Executive Director Tyler Woods 520-861-6632
For the SOS For Moms contact Meg Sax at 520-891-6911

Word of Warning: Only get help from orginizations that are nonprofit. or professionally run by a legitimate organization.

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IF YOU FEEL SUICIDAL CALL Crisis Response Network at 622-6000 or
The National Suicide Hotline 1-800-SUICIDE

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